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What is CarPoint?

CarPoint is a remote car monitoring and protection system that pinpoints the location of the car, creates an invisible but safe parking space within 10 metres when stopped, detects movement and immediately sends a notification if the car starts moving without the owner’s knowledge.

All you need:

A phone with GPS


A device with battery (car)


CarPoint device


Secure car



Safety for your property, safety for your car – against damage, theft, hijacking, safety for other car users – the possibility to add all household cars to one CarPoint profile and track the car's movement and route on your phone; data security – AUTONAMS guarantees the storage and security of your CarPoint data.



Easy and quick installation; no additional devices, codes, etc. required for daily use – the protection device in the car is connected to the phone; with 24/7 service.



CarPoint can be installed on any car, anywhere in Latvia; the installation and usage fees are lower than the monthly fee for a secure parking space or the simplest alarm system.
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How does CarPoint work?

  • CarPoint reacts precisely and immediately to the movement of a car outside the invisible parking space, if it happens without the owner’s involvement, by sending a notification to the phone.


  • CarPoint also reacts precisely and immediately if someone tries to interfere with CarPoint operation – the device is disconnected, or the GPS signal is suppressed.


  • The car owner can immediately stop the unauthorised movement in response to a notification.


  • For CarPoint to work a GPS signal is required.


  • CarPoint operates throughout Europe.

CarPoint will be the best choice if:

  • Your car does not have a designated, safe, or secure parking space.

  • You need a solution for car safety and monitoring at any time of the day, while travelling and living in a dynamic age and on the move.

  • You want a convenient, modern technology-based, interactive (interesting) and hassle-free car monitoring and security system.

Bonuses of CarPoint?

In one CarPoint profile, you can easily add other household cars, creating a unified protection and monitoring system for the entire family fleet
When CarPoint detects a sudden impact or collision, the designated CarPoint trust person will receive an SMS. With the notification, the location coordinates of the car and the opening of the map will be available to the trusted person for one hour to react if necessary
CarPoint records the distances, time and average speed of trips on a daily route, offering the opportunity to analyse and choose the most convenient routes
CarPoint captures and records acceleration, braking and turning, which you can view on the map and optimise your driving style
CarPoint records the battery status, avoiding stressful and awkward moments when it turns out the car cannot be started

Autonams provides

  • CarPoint quality guarantee

  • Easy and quick installation

  • Training and consulting

  • Security and storage of user data

  • App updates

How to install CarPoint?

Latvia contour

throughout Latvia

we will drive to your location!

40 min

installation requires 40 min only

any device

CarPoint can be installed on  a car as well as a motorcycle or lawn tractor

just* 5 eur/mo

*one-time installation cost – 50 eur

  • CarPoint is available for any individual vehicle throughout Latvia.

  • Installation is just a coffee break away – it only takes 40 minutes.

  • The one-time installation of CarPoint is lower than any car alarm – only EUR 50.

  • The monthly maintenance fee is lower than any secure parking space – only EUR 5.

  • The CarPoint app is available for AppStore and GooglePlay users. 

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